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Debra Webb

Book Title: POWER
Genre: E-book, Romantic Suspense

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Author's Message

When you think of “power” do you think of kings or generals or your boss? A lot of us might think of that last one first. Right now politicians and their wrangling to win might actually come to mind before all else. There are lots of levels of power and lots of way it’s used that you might not even recognize as a power play. How many of us influence (a nice way to say manipulate) our spouses or significant others to a degree to get that honey-do list completed? Or our kids to ensure homework and chores are accomplished? There are power plays in every relationship. Actions and consequences as well. Finding a good balance of power is not always easy. Just ask Jess Harris if you don’t believe me.

Jess is back in Birmingham, Alabama, twenty-years after leaving her southern roots behind. With the drastic changes in her life recently she’s struggling with balance at every turn. Her new division shares certain aspects of investigative territory with another Birmingham Police Department division. Jess ends up stepping on toes more often than not. She’s an interloper who has taken a high ranking position that might have been a promotion for someone else with more years in the department. Then there’s her boss, Chief of Police Dan Burnett, her first love. Keeping him from going overboard with the need to prove he isn’t showing favoritism toward Jess is a real test of her patience. The truth is, Jess is fiercely independent and she has her own way of doing things that others don’t always understand or embrace. Finding her footing without making too many enemies proves particularly difficult as POWER launches her first official week of duty with the department.

This third installment of the Faces of Evil series explores another level of heinousness. From the least of us to the greatest, we all use certain manipulative tactics—whether learned or instinctive — to gain the power we seek. Power, along with its gain and loss, is a natural part of life. But power can corrupt as you will see as you follow Jess into the world of cut-throat dance moms and beyond to the frightening underbelly of the drug culture.

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- Debra Webb

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