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After Fallen was nominated for Romance Writers of America's Best New Book of 2001, debut talent Celeste Bradley sought another first—her own series.

Toying with the pages of history, Bradley focuses on The Liar's Club, a secret society of spies. The idea started when she discovered that literary great Daniel Defoe had been involved in espionage. When he wasn't penning classics such as Moll Flanders and Robinson Crusoe, Defoe was providing secret intelligence to King William. And in his passion for serving the Crown, he detailed the art of espionage, writing what could be
considered the first spy manual. Based on that experience, Defoe was a natural choice to become the founder of Bradley's Liar's Club.

Book 1, THE PRETENDER, takes place a generation after Defoe; a man called the Griffin has infiltrated the Liar's Club and is executing its members one by one. The new Master Spy, Simon Montague Rain, goes to the one place the Griffin is sure to appear—his mistress Agatha Applequist's estate. Rain's job is to get inside.

"The Liar's Club series follows romance out of the ballroom and into the Regency underground, as well as the garden, and the attic, and on the floor…and sometimes even in an actual bed!" Bradley says. "The thing I love most about the Liars is that they are pulled from all social strata to work together for a common good. My heroes may be fearless knights in their own right, but rarely are my characters titled, unless there is some reason for them to be."

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