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Prince of Time Thrilling, fast-paced stories with dynamite beginnings have become a trade mark of the popular 43 Light Street novels by Rebecca York, aka Ruth Glick and Eileen Buckholtz. In PRINCE OF TIME, the wilds of Alaska, a death defying avalanche, and a trek into the heart of a mountain stronghold all await Cassandra Devereaux. As a travel agent and part-time State Department operative she is prepared to handle almost anything. But thats before she comes within blushing distance of a secret underground installation where an amazing man called Thorn has been held captive. Hes smart, sexy, out-of-this world, and naked! And hes one of the most unusual time-travelers in romantic fiction. Ive always loved time-travel, says my writing partner Eileen. In PRINCE OF TIME, we had the fun of adding our own quirky twist to a hero who is definitely out of his time and place. It was a challenge writing about two people from vastly different cultures learning to trust and love each other when they couldnt speak the same language. Of course, some forms of communication between the sexes dont require words. We had a great time doing the research for this book. I found the perfect setting for the book while on a trip to Alaska with my husband. A scene in the story reflects my impressions of several flights I took with local bush pilots, while Eileens research yielded fascinating facts on ancient artifacts and the origins of language. PRINCE OF TIME is the 12th Light Street book. Lucky thirteen will be a single title release from Harlequin in October 96. It will feature Detective Mark Lancer, Jo OMalleys new partner, in a psychological thriller with a serious identity crisis. After that, we will be writing two more Light Street novels for Intrigue including one book that tells the story of Zeke Chambers, the daring adventurer in PRINCE OF TIME. For a free autographed pocket-size notebook send an SASE with 55" postage (for two ounces) to: Rebecca York, 10594 Jason Court, Columbia, MD 21044.

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