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Donna Hill

Genre: Multicultural, Contemporary Romance

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Throughout my writing career I have attempted to test my abilities and stretch my imagination with every book. This is especially true of A PRIVATE AFFAIR (Arabesque), which features Quinn Parker, our dashing, dangerous and dark hero; Nikita Harrell, who Quinn thinks can only belong to "the other guy"; and Maxine Sherman, Quinn's childhood friend and would-be lover. Each has a story to tell of making hard decisions that hurt the ones they love. And Sean and Khendra from Indiscretions are back as the hard-hitting attorneys who unravel the events surrounding the death of Quinn's twin sister.

The two women in Quinn's life, Maxine and Nikita, make indelible marks that take him from the street to fulfilling his dream. However, though he loves both, he comes to a point where he can no longer take the easy way out. It was even hard for me to make a choice!

This book is a departure for me in that it isn't loaded with subplots, murder and suspense. Rather, it is about people living, loving and coming to grips with who they are through and for each other.

His touch felt like fire, searing her skin, and still she trembled, needing to be wrapped in the heat of his embrace. Wanting more. Wanting to be absolved of the constraints that her life had been. This loving was going to change her... Within Quinn rested the secrets that she'd always desired to know, that had been denied to her... She opened herself to him, letting him take all that she had to give, discovering a wantonness about herself that she hadn't known existed.

Enveloped in her heat, it didn't matter to him about the afterward. This was their moment, never to be duplicated, only to get better. It was a moment he'd waited until now to know. They were everywhere together, uncovering the mysteries of their union, whispered words, soul deep sighs, body to body, wet and wild. He felt the steady, building rise, the tightening of her body as it began to drain him...for those sacred, fleeting seconds, the two worlds from which they'd come united.

The question is: who is with Quinn? Nikita or Maxine?

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