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Love and Revenge


Readers know they can count on Bertrice Small for a passionate historical romance, but for her first contemporary erotic novel, Private Pleasures (NAL, July), the author promises a read hot enough to melt in your hands.

"It's definitely X-rated," says the author, who dedicated Private Pleasures to a longtime fan, RT Senior Historical Reviewer Kathe Robin, "who likes it hot." Small adds that she knew from the outset that she'd have to go contemporary for her tale of erotic revenge. "I needed the modern technology that only this time could provide."

When Nora Buckley's husband dumps her for a younger woman, her friends are her only support network. The women of Ansley Court clue her in to a whole different kind of network—the Channel, a secret interactive television "destination" where a woman can unleash her passions and fulfill her most intimate fantasies. (Think Pleasantville, but delicious and dirty!)

Small was inspired by a real-life divorce case in which a wealthy businessman's wife sued him for half of everything, including his pension, because "she was equally responsible for his successes, and without her backup he wouldn't have attained them."

Unfortunately, the real-life wife didn't have Small scripting her sex life and offering the Channel as delicious release. But her story did have a happy ending. "The wealthy man's soon-to-be-ex-wife won her case, and was awarded half of everything. He went on to marry the [other woman]. I suspect he had a helluva pre-nup for that marriage!" Small says, laughing.

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