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The Promise of Your Touch

If you think I'm excited about this exciting new aspect of my writing journey, you do not know the half of it. As I gathered with Dell authors and editors at the RT conference, I felt like Cinderella at the ball. So many of my personal favorites have helped form Dell's excellent reputation: Virginia Henley, Rebecca Paisley, Connie Brockway-and the list indeed goes on-that I am thrilled to be adding a new creation of my own to that list: THE PROMISE OF YOUR TOUCH.

My newest release holds such unique meaning for me. As is the case with many of my books, the germ of this story was formed in a lyric from a Broadway musical song, this time from "Miss Saigon." In one scene, the hero sings to the heroine: "You are here like a mystery; I'm from a world that's so different from all that you are."

The wonderment and awe with which this line was sung ignited my imagination. I thought about the miracle of finding true love even in a world torn by senseless violence. The poignancy of the theme captured my imagination almost immediately, and in a few moments I knew my own version of it would be set in the tormented Ireland of 1799. Here, in an English prison cell, Kristian Montague and Shivahn Armagh meet for the first time, and nearly instantly fall in love. What they must do to discover, and then hang on to that love took me on an adventure from the breathtaking Wicklow Hills, all the way to London, then back again!

I am so happy to invite you along! Write and let me know how you like the adventure: Annee Carter aka Cartier, P.O. Box 10059, #338, Newport Beach, CA 92658. An SASE is always appreciated.

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