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Growing up near Annapolis, Maryland, home to the famed United States Naval Academy, it was perhaps inevitable that I became fascinated by both history and all things military. Who more logical to invade my historical romances than soldiers whose qualities of courage, loyalty and resourcefulness make them natural heroes?

Military menand womenmust make lightning-fast decisions that will mean life or death for the troops they command. However, that very decisiveness can render them a triflestrong minded? (I should know; I married a naval officer!)

Colonel Lord St. John Sandiford returns after Waterloo to bankrupt lands and the bitter knowledge that the woman hes always loved has married another man. (Its Sarahs childhood sweetheart in The Wedding Gamble.) Sinjin knows he must marry wealth, and soon, to save his estate. But he must have a wife he can respect. And that, Sinjin decides, means finding an heiress from the industrious middle class. He could never stomach marrying a spendthrift aristocratic beauty like his mother.

Clarissa Beaumont is happy to introduce her friend Sarahs former neighbor to the Marriage Marts most eligible maidens. However, instead of expressing appreciation, the Colonel frostily turns down her helpinforming her he has no intention of marrying a lady of the ton. Infuriated, Clarissa decides to waste no more time on the opinionated Colonel Sandiford, even though she finds him the most compelling man shed met in years.

A wager gone awry, a wounded lieutenant and an abducted country girl all conspire to throw them together. Sinjin and Clarissa discover that when love intervenes, what you really need can sometimes be quite different from what you thought you wanted.

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