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Nancy Northcott

Genre: Paranormal Romance, E-book, Paranormal/Urban Fantasy

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At least one of any couple in a romance novel starts the book scarred from something that happened earlier. That old damage keeps the couple apart, so the ups and down in the plot represent not only the couple’s journey but the steps of healing old wounds. 

Romance is all about this healing. Without this easing of old pain, the damaged heart can’t open to love again. That’s the core of the genre’s appeal.

Some people not only don’t read romance (or genre fiction in general) but regard it with disdain for the very reason it attracts those who love it. In the skeptics’ view, happy or triumphant endings are so rare as to be unrealistic, which renders the genre unrealistic and those who read it, by extension, foolish.

I’m sorry for people who have such a dark world view. Yes, okay, I can practically hear my husband saying, “What about your theory that we should always prepare for the worst because we can then never be taken by surprise?” And I do believe in preparing for the worst case scenario. But I also believe in hoping for the best, even when the horizon is shadowed with doom and gloom.

Childhood doom and gloom continue to warp the worldview of helicopter pilot and mage Josh Campbell, the hero of my novella, "Protector." His mom, a deputy sheriff, was killed when Josh was 8, and his dad turned to alcohol to cope. The responsibility for the family fell on Josh, who lived in constant fear that he would fail to keep himself and his two younger sisters fed and clothed and in school and that Social Services would split them up. As he sees things, his mom’s death was the catastrophe that destroyed their family, so he isn’t going to risk the same thing happening to his children. He’ll find someone in a safe, ordinary job, someone who can create the stable home life he yearned for. If that means turning his back on his feelings for wild land firefighter and fellow mage Edie Lang, then so be it.

Edie won’t pine for a guy who can’t accept her as she is, so she ignores her attraction to Josh. Then dark magic attacks them both, sapping not only their power but their life energies. The danger forces them to face their feelings for each other and sets them on a path where Josh has a chance to defeat that old pain, to find his heart’s ease in Edie’s love. If he’s willing to risk it.

One of the pleasures of writing romance is the ability to fix things, to make the world turn out okay at the end. If I’ve done that in "Protector," it’s because the genre not only offers hope but demands it, and that allows the characters to find their hearts’ ease. 

- Nancy Northcott

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