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Diana Palmer

Genre: General Contemporary Romance, Contemporary Romance

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Hayes Carson has been one of my favorite characters for a long time. I wanted to do a book about him, but sometimes it’s hard to come up with just the right situation to make it work. I already had an ongoing feud between Hayes and Minette Raynor, editor/publisher of the local weekly newspaper. So then I wondered, what if something happens to Hayes and his worst enemy has to take care of him.


The result is Protecter.

Hayes is investigating a rogue federal agent who has ties to a huge drug cartel. This theme has carried through several of the Long, Tall Texan books with nobody able to pinpoint who the covert operative is. In this book, he is behind the wipe of a computer hard drive and a death. But the theme continues into my next Wyoming title, Wyoming Bold, where he plays a large part in a near-tragedy at the Kirk Ranch. The end of the story will be in next year’s HQN hardcover, about the enigmatic Carson (not Hayes Carson, but one of Cy Parks’ cowboys) and Cash Grier’s feisty secretary Carlie.

But Hayes has finally met his match in an equally feisty Minette Raynor, whose social life is somewhat confined because she is raising her young half-brother and half-sister and taking care of an elderly relative. It would seem an odd fit with Hayes, but he has a secret that will make those kids absolutely love him. Want to know what it is? He loves cartoon movies. And he has dozens.

I really enjoyed writing the book. I hope my readers enjoy it half as much.

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