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Hail to the Queen...

Historical author Haywood Smith's first contemporary, QUEEN BEE OF MIMOSA BRANCH (even the title is fun to say!) lives up to its promising cover art.
Set in the fictional town of Mimosa Branch, Georgia, Haywood's authentic Southern voice shines through with wry, witty and colorful lessons in how to be a Southern bitch. (Think sugar-coated insults, y'all.) The story of
a 50-year-old woman who has to start over from scratch, QUEEN BEE is a
testament to all those wives who've been put through the wringer… and want to get even.

"Ever since I turned 40 (which was a while ago), it seemed I got at least one phone call a week from friends whose husbands had gone middle-aged crazy. Their stories were all variations on a theme, with Bill Clinton as their errant husbands' poster boy. But I never thought it could happen to me. I ignored all the symptoms when they hit home, certain that my straight-arrow husband couldn't possibly be having an affair. I was wrong.

"It turns out that my buttoned-down, churchgoing mate of
30 years had taken a nose-dive into the demon's maw and had been living a double life for several years (a very expensive life). I ended up in debt and alone. But with the help of a wonderful support group, I began to get over that terrible betrayal and discover some eye-opening truths about myself. Trust me when I tell you that it wasn't easy writing love scenes and 'happily-ever-afters' when my own life was being dragged through the septic tank. To make matters more difficult, the historical market was in recession, and I realized I had to make a change to survive, since I was getting virtually no support from my ex-husband.

"So I decided to take advantage of all those midlife marital meltdown stories I'd been hearing, plus the indelible characters and stories I'd collected over the past 30 years of living in a small Southern town. I came up with Queen Bee of Mimosa Branch." Lin Scott moves back home to her parents' crumbling Victorian mansion after the man she married at 19 (to escape her small-town life) leaves her penniless and up to her ears in debt.

Haywood continues, "[Lin] isn't me—I still have a roof over my head and I have no tattooes, obscene or otherwise, on my body. Lin is all the women like me who have had to start over, brokenhearted, in the worst circumstances imaginable. The story is sharp, funny, and uplifting. It's about a strong, very human survivor who wakes up to reality, gets past betrayal, and embraces life on her own."

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