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RT reviewer Stacey Agdern sat down with YA author Stacey Kade to chat about her latest Ghost and the Goth series release Queen of the Dead. We were intrigued to find out more about the book and what's in store for Kade. 


The Ghost and the Goth wasn’t the first book you wrote, nor was it the first book you published. But it is the first one that’s received this wide level of support. What about it was different? Or did you know?

I had a good feeling about The Ghost and the Goth. It clicked on a level I hadn’t hadn’t expected. I signed with my agent in April, and the book was contracted by the end of June. You can’t predict things like this. All you can do is make it the best book you can, and hope people respond to that

What’s the reaction to this series, to these books been from the teen community? 

It’s been wonderful. I’ve gotten emails about the blogs I’ve written and support through the blog itself. The bottom line is that when you get an email from a kid saying "I love it," "I can’t wait [till the next one]"; it’s genuine. You know you’ve done something. You hope that book will make someone feel less alone

And that takes us into different territory. At a time where there’s constant references to what bullying does to kids, and a central message that being different is bad, you show something else. What’s your intention?

I’m trying to send a message that high school is not your entire world, not your entire life. That different doesn’t mean bad. That it’s always best to find your own identity and to be happy and genuinely cool with it. And even more importantly, there are other lives in high school; other people living within and outside of high school than the popular crowd.

Can you talk to me generally about book two? Of course, no spoilers.

Alona and Will work together in the opening; there is kissing in the beginning

Will is using his ability, meeting people with that ability and learns that there is more than what’s on the surface. Time is passing for everybody but Alona; her family is changing and it’s hard for her to deal with. She’s worried she’s not going to have anybody.

The ending is a cliffhanger (as commentary: of the interesting variety, not the scary nasty variety). It is a planned trilogy; book three is the end and gives resolution to all of the major issues. Book three will appear some time in late 2012.

So what’s next for Stacey Kade? What’s on the horizon?

I have a new series starting in 2013: The Rules

The central character is a girl who’s a secret genetic experiment. She’s escaped from the lab she lived half her life in and is now hiding in plain sight. She’s been given rules to help her hide and to stay out of trouble, because, of course, there are differences in how to live while imprisoned in a lab and living above ground.  Of course, rules are made to be broken. And of course, there is a boy who tempts her with problems of his own

I have a contract for the first two books; hoping I’ll be able to go beyond….

That sounds amazing!! I love science fiction! But we’re not supposed to call it that? Why?

People have a narrow view of science fiction. But the thing is that elements of ‘what if’ and speculation don’t exclusively belong to the paranormal side. Science Fiction is a simple step from paranormal, a slightly different type of flavor.

Want more? Check out an excerpt of Queen of the Dead here.

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