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Shirley Jump

Genre: General Contemporary Romance, Contemporary Romance

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Jump for Your Love


Some writers say they always knew what they wanted to do, even as children. Shirley Jump went further than that. At 12, she went out and got her first job as a local newspaper reporter.

"I was just a little ambitious and impatient," laughs the series and contemporary author, whose latest release, Really Something, is out from HQN this month. "I wanted to be Jane Pauley that day."

That determination and drive has stayed with Jump through today. Really Something
is her 21st book, and at her home in Indiana she's hard at work on Nos. 25 and 26 -- an especially amazing feat considering Jump's first book was published in 2003.

"It's a lot to keep track of," she says. It keeps the mother of two busy, but Jump has her priorities in line. "Right now, my whole world revolves around two things, my family and writing," Jump says. "I'm not really good at anything else, I'm a one-trick pony."

Recently Jump was much busier, helping to care for her
ailing mother, who eventually died. The event took more of
a toll on the author than she originally realized, until she
noticed something different about her writing.

"That experience affected me, and my writing, a great deal," she says. "I changed
as a person."

As a result, Jump's comedic romances took on a different hue. "I realized I wanted more out of the books that I write," she says.
"I wanted to explore more, and go slightly deeper." It's a change that seems to be paying off so far; Jump reports that she's received lots of positive fan mail about her newer, more emotional romances.

"It's a departure," she admits, but she hasn't left behind the comedic roots that helped her launch her fiction career. "I
still deal with things in a comedic manner, although it can be hard to balance all the elements," she says. In Really Something, her heroine has lost a lot of weight and is back in her hometown, out for revenge. Despite a slightly more serious tone, the author swears, "It's funny, I promise!"

Who wouldn't believe Jane Pauley?

-- Elissa Petruzzi

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