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Heather Graham

Genre: Vampire, Paranormal/Urban Fantasy

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American tourist Tara Mason isn't having your typical "European Vacation." In Realm Of Shadows, the fourth installment in Shannon Drake's (aka Heather Graham) stand-alone vampire series, Tara flees to the country upon hearing a terrifying howling in a Parisian churchyard.

Little does Tara know the horrors that've cropped up after a team
of archeologists unearthed an ancient tomb out of the ground. A terrifying force is released, one that is determined to possess Tara, body and soul.

After writing three contemporary vampire romances: Beneath a Blood Red Moon (Oct. '99), When Darkness Falls (Oct. '00) and Deep Midnight (Sep. '01), Shannon says, "I'm going to keep the series going as long as I keep on feeling the urge to go—so far, there's a book for 2002, and I'm part way through the book for 2003. The books are all written to be read as individual novels, but they are all connected, and they will all continue to be connected, not by main characters, but by characters from past books entering into the new stories."

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