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Jaye Wells

Genre: Urban Fantasy, Paranormal/Urban Fantasy

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She's 'Red' Hot


"I thought writing fiction was similar to a calling -- you just knew," debut author Jaye Wells shares. "I'd tried writing a little fiction to amuse myself but never really considered
it a prospective career. However, a few years after college I landed a job as a magazine editor, which eventually turned into freelance writing. I did that for several years before I ever tried my hand at fiction."

The result is Wells' first urban fantasy novel, Red-Headed Stepchild, out this month from Orbit, and it's set to be followed by two more books about heroine Sabina Kane. Wells' debut is already generating tremendous buzz with its assassin heroine and her action-packed adventures. Born a half-vampire/half-mage, Sabina is an outsider, and her latest assignment has her caught between her own two races -- meaning she'll have to decide quickly where to place her loyalties.

"The idea for the novel came to me in the car," Wells explains. "All of a sudden the line, 'Digging graves is hell on
a manicure' popped into my head. I immediately pulled my car over and began writing. Sabina's character came to me
so clearly, and the first scene practically wrote itself. I entered that scene into a fiction contest at a friend's blog, and it got such a great response I decided to expand it into a book."

Also a big part of the world Wells created is the mythological Lilith, whom the author's cast as a demon. Other elements, such as vampire-owned vineyards and a hairless demon cat, were immortalized in words because they either fascinated or amused the author. "I took all the accepted mythology surrounding vampires and threw everything I didn't like out the window," she says. "The hairless demon cat came from my lifelong fascination with hairless cats. They're so demonically ugly that they're cute. And
the vampires owning a wine vineyard came from an ad I saw for Vampire Vineyards, a company that makes 'vampire wine.' "

The series isn't all Wells is working on. She's contributing a short story to the Mammoth Book of Vampire Romance, Vol. 2, which will be published by Running Press later this year.
"Looking back, all the signs were there early on," Wells says of her eventual career as a writer. "I was easily bored as a kid -- and remain so as an adult -- so I've always relied on my overactive imagination to amuse me. As the daughter and granddaughter of booksellers, a love of reading was guaranteed and encouraged. Basically, I was probably just in denial, because the signs that I was a budding fiction writer were there all along."

-- Lauren Spielberg

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