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The Redhead and the Preacher

If I had been able to lose my Southern accent, I might have been an actress instead of a writer. But I couldn't and I'm not. Instead I followed something closer to my heart. Finally, after 35 books, I feel confident enough to say, "I'm a writer!"

I'm often asked to give inspirational speeches at conferences, which I love to do. After writing nine books that didn't sell (over a period of six years), I finally figured out that my current success as a speaker is in direct proportion to my initial failure as a writer. The workshop attendees always come away with the feeling that if this woman can do it, anybody can. For I went down every wrong road a writer could travel.

When an editor told me she was sorry, but she couldn't buy my book, I wasn't crushed. It took more than rejection to stop me for I've always written because I absolutely love it. It's only now that I'm beginning to believe that I'm not a fluke, that there are readers out there who really like the stories I tell. I could tell you that THE REDHEAD AND THE PREACHER is a fast-paced fun read about a woman who accidentally robs a bank and ends up pretending to be the wife of the new minister in Heaven, but that wouldn't begin to tell the story. It's warm and funny and wonderful.

I could also tell you that the next book, RAVEN AND THE COWBOY, continues Raven's story. (She's the part-Arapaho sister from Scandal in Silver.) I will tell you that Raven... is a bit different. It's still a Sandra story, but it's an all-out shoot-'em-up romantic adventure. I call it my "Indiana Jones meets Ali Baba" story.

What I really want to tell you is that I still experience bouts of anxiety while in the troughs of writing-call it stage fright. And that it's you, the readers, who ease that fright. I don't always have bookmarks or newsletters, but I try to write personal letters since I consider all my readers friends. Now, if I could just learn to spell...

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