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Genell Dellin

Genre: Historical Romance

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Half-Choctaw Rafe Aigner is the last of my dark, dangerous Renegades and I can hardly let him go. He lingers with me because hes a man of so many contradictions: hes a wild Choctaw warrior and the Prince of New Orleans, a hardened, rambling gambler and a father who wants to make a home for his son. His life is filled with beautiful womenhe has cared for some and has
a young son by oneyet only his first love, New Orleans belle Madeleine Cottrell, has ruled his memories and his heart for 10 long years.

THE RENEGADES: RAFE is the story of the turbulent reunion of these two fiery, headstrong people compelled to wager their battered hearts once morean act that takes more courage than anything the harsh world has thrown at them in the time theyve been apart.

I hope youll love Rafe as much as I do, and that youll also get to know the Renegades who came before him. One is reluctant hero Nickajack Smith of The Renegades: Nick, a hardened loner who only wants the land where his Cherokee mother is buried and a life alone with his horsesuntil the Cherokee Strip Land Run when stubborn (and pregnant) Callie Sloane from the Kentucky mountains stakes his claim as her own.

Another is Cole McCord of The Renegades: Cole, the most dangerous man in Colorado. He has sworn never again to give his loyalty to anyone, yet that changes when he signs on as bodyguard to Aurora Benton for a treacherous cattle drive that brings them to a passion neither knew existed.

I love to hear from readers. Please visit my webpage at http://members. and send e-mails. Or write me in care of Avon Books, 10 E 53rd Street, New York, NY 10022.

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