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The idea for writing The Return of the Renegade came to me after I had completed the last book in my Harlequin Historical quartet featuring three brothers and a sister of the St Claire family, and a Christmas historical novella on a secondary character featured in those books (The Duke’s Cinderella Bride; The Rake’s Wicked Proposal; The Rogue’s Disgraced Lady; Lady Arabella’s Scandalous Marriage; plus Christmas at Mulberry Hall). Reluctant to say goodbye to the ‘The Notorious St Claires’, the idea came to me to write a Harlequin Presents trilogy featuring three brothers who happen to be their modern day ancestors. Amazingly, after only a little thought, Jordan, featured in The Return of the Renegade, Lucan, the hero of The Reluctant Duke, and Gideon, the hero in Taming the last St Claire, just came alive in my imagination as fully fledged characters, with their very own story to tell.

It's really impossible to talk about Jordan and The Return of the Renegade without mentioning the whole trilogy, mainly because, although the books can certainly be read individually, the characters in all three books do intertwine occasionally, hopefully making reading all three books so much more satisfying.

It was especially fun to place these three modern day Alpha heroes in settings and situations that were so completely alien to their usual well-ordered aristocratic lives - with most of the challenge provided by the three feisty heroines, who are more than a match for these arrogantly self-contained men!

Jordan St Claire is also the charming and successful Hollywood actor Jordan Simpson, with several Oscars to his name, and a reputation for breaking women's hearts. Placing him in a position where his career and lifestyle are under threat, as well as everything Jordan believed himself to be, and then presenting him with a no-nonsense heroine, who is seemingly unimpressed by both Jordan Simpson the actor or Jordan St Claire the aristocrat, forces Jordan to dig deep inside himself for who and what he really is, before he can claim the woman that he loves.

Writing Jordan's story, and that of his two brothers', was an absolute joy for me, and I sincerely hope readers will love them all as much as I do!

- Carole Mortimer

The Return of the Renegade is available now. The Reluctant Duke will be out in May and Taming the Last St Claire will be available in June. If you missed the author’s original St Claires quartet in Harlequin Historical, find the ebooks on

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