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They have two things in common: They are members of a secret organization, the Brotherhood of the Sword, and they
appear in novels by Kinley MacGregor.

"All the members of the Brotherhood—both male and female—were prisoners at some point
in the Holy Land," says MacGregor, Sherrilyn Kenyon's historical romance alias. "The books are set in the middle of the 12th century between
the second and third Crusades."

The Quinfortis, five mysterious prisoners who broke many of the others out of captivity, have sworn to free those still being held by their enemies. Return of the Warrior (May '05, Avon) tells the story of the Abbot, Christian of Acre, and the royal beauty who seeks him out.

MacGregor maintains a list of the Brotherhood's characters on her website, complete with bios and pictures. "Not all of the people featured on the site will have their own books, but most will," she says.

"I'm trying to get Lochlan to settle down for the next one," MacGregor says. "For some reason, he likes being single. I keep telling him I have the perfect match, but he won't listen. Men! What can you do with them?"

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