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Lauraine Snelling

Book Title: REUNION
Genre: Mainstream, Inspirational

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Dear Readers,

Some books flash into the author’s mind, some build word by word, scene by scene, but they all come from within the writer’s mind and soul. Bits and pieces of our experiences, our very lives are drafted into our stories. And then there are those, like Reunion, where the basis of the story actually happened in our own lives. 

The day I learned from my mother that the fine man I called Daddy was not my biological father was one of those times that remain indelibly imprinted upon my memory. There I was, twenty-five years old, sitting in my living room in a tiny house, with laundry stacked on a green sofa. I had three small children. A sunny day. Even after Mom told me that we would not be celebrating their 25th wedding anniversary that year but actually their 24th, the sun did not dim and I did not collapse from shock. My mind whirled with questions and she told me parts of the story. Her story. My story. 

Amazingly I did not overwhelm her with those myriad of questions, which is so totally out of character for me. Yet like Keira, my first question was, ‘well who am I then?’ I never found out who the man was. For years I didn’t care and when I thought it might be a good idea to know more of my medical history, it was too late. 

I did not want to cause my mother any more pain. A few years earlier I had judged another harshly, criticizing her for not putting her illegitimate baby up for adoption. But now my overwhelming feeling for Mom was, she kept me. She kept me. My mother went through all she did, nursing in a strange hospital while she was pregnant, and later finding someone to take care of me while she worked. Nurses lived at the hospital in those years, so there was no place for an infant. She loved me so much she waited to marry until she was sure my Daddy would love me too and not marry her because he felt sorry for us.

As I look back I never had any idea I was not my Daddy’s daughter. Mom said it’s because he always looked at me as his eldest daughter and he loved me, even through those not-so-easy teen years. And believe me I was a pretty stubborn teenager, always testing his patience.

The one time I spoke about this story, my agent said afterward, that needs to be your next book. Like all my books, Reunion talks about forgiveness, especially within families where keeping secrets can sometimes be very destructive. I love the characters, such a close family, all of whom rose up in my mind and took their places on stage.

It is thanks to readers like all of you that I get to keep on doing what I love most. I hope you enjoy Reunion.

Happy reading,

- Lauraine Snelling

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