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Julie Ann Walker

Book Title: REV IT UP
Genre: General Romantic Suspense, Romantic Suspense

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Author's Message

Let's talk about complex heroines, shall we? 

You know the ones I’m speaking of, the ones we love to hate and/or hate to love. Those female characters who are wounded and flawed. The ones who hit too close to home or the one who leave us shaking our heads and wondering, who would ever DO that? 

Each year, right around this time, I read Gone with the Wind. I started doing this in high school when, for my senior thesis, I decided to compare the events and descriptions in the book against actual historical accounts. Yeah, I know, I was a weird teenager, but that's beside the point. Because here’s the thing: every time I tried to read the story analytically, I found myself immersed in Scarlett O'Hara. In her selfishness and bravery. In her naiveté and ambition. I screamed at her. I rooted for her. I hated her. I loved her.  

But regardless of my reaction to her, the fact remained I had a reaction. It was visceral. She just ... got to me. She was complex and fascinating and hair-pullingly frustrating, but, above all else, she was real.

So when it came time to write Michelle Carter’s story in Rev It Up, I knew I needed to harness a little Scarlett. Oh, not the pampered-princess, self-serving aspect of Scarlett's character, but the three-dimensional aspect of her character. A woman with multiple facets, multiple purposes, and, yes, multiple motivations. You see, like Scarlett, Michelle has been through a lot in her life. Her father ran on her at a young age ... her mother was an alcoholic... her brother, the one person she depends on, is a secret government agent who balances on the knife's edge of danger ... and her Navy SEAL husband was killed in battle. All of these experiences mold and shape her, and sometimes the baggage she carries weighs her down and makes her withdrawn and wary.   

But, just like Rhett did with Scarlett, Rev It Up’s hero, Jake “The Snake” Sommers, sees through the prickliness and nonsense to the vulnerable and world-weary woman beneath. And when a Las Vegas mob boss puts a price on Michelle’s head, and he’s the only one standing between her and certain death, her walls threaten to come crumbling down. Sooo... will Jake and Michelle end up together?  Or, like Rhett and Scarlett, will Jake be pushed to the point of “not giving a damn?” You'll have to read to find out!

- Julie Anne Walker

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