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Renee Bernard

Genre: Victorian Period, Historical Romance

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Romance and Rubies


Renee bernard gets her best ideas for stories at romance conventions. "As a writer, you can feel so isolated at times, but at a convention, you can reconnect and recharge," says Bernard, who feels most inspired when surrounded by fellow romance lovers. While meeting friends at the 2004 RT Booklovers Convention, she realized they were a "band of brothers," coming from all walks of life but bonded by their mutual love for the romance genre. Bernard was intrigued as to how this theme would play out in a novel, and the result is Revenge Wears Rubies, an RT Top Pick and first in her Jaded Gentleman series, out this month from Berkley Sensation.

Set in the Victorian period, the series features seven men from vastly different socioeconomic backgrounds who bond during captivity in India at the hands of a sadistic raja. Returning to England after their escape, they find nothing is the same. "Each of them had a dream shattered ... they realized they could only trust each other," says Bernard. What she loves about her complicated heroes is that they are "not another group of titled rich guys who met at Oxford or a London club," and each man represents a different slice of Victorian life, from a doctor and scholar to a soldier and lord.

In Revenge Wears Rubies, Galen Hawke seeks revenge against Miss Haley Moreland, who engaged herself to another man instead of mourning the death of her fiance, his friend and a fellow Jaded Gentleman who died in India. Set on ruining Haley's reputation, Galen doesn't count on falling for her and is torn between seduction and destruction.

Seduction Wears Sapphires will follow in August. And while she continues to write her romances, Bernard is also taking to the airwaves to keep readers entertained through an Internet radio show, Canned Laughter and Coffee With Renee Bernard, at Readers A new show airs every Tuesday night at 8:30 ET.

-- Sarina Evan

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