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These past few years have been a wonderful time of discovery for me as a writer; Ive explored new themes, times and settings for my novels. What a joy to be given the freedom to grow and stretch!

With RIBBON OF YEARS, Ive once again stepped off the familiar path, this time telling the story of a woman from age 15 to 80. Miriam became very dear to me as I watched her mature from a rebellious teenager with aspirations to be the next Greta Garbo, into a young wife whose husband is fighting in WWII, into the mother of a beloved son and so on through the years.

Although Miriams story has nothing to do with a school shooting, it has its roots in the Columbine tragedy. In April 1999, as I watched the news reports, I asked myself how the survivors and parents could bear such a tragedy. And I asked how a person of faith could work out their beliefs in light of losing a child so senselessly. As I continued to seek answers to those troublesome questions, I realized that I didnt know anybody whod gone through life unscathed; every one of us have our own burdens to bear in our earthly journey.

Then Miriam introduced herself to me.

I love what author Liz Curtis Higgs said about this book: RIBBON OF YEARS [captures] the nuances of each decade through the eyes of one remarkable woman. I finishedwith my eyes filled with tears and my heart with one prayer: Lord, let me be like Miriam, overflowing with grace.

I hope that Miriams story will touch your heart and remind you that every life impacts others, whether were aware of it or not. I hope her story will encourage you, no matter what personal hardships you might face. And I hope when the last page is read, youll be glad you met Miriam but also a bit sad to let her go.

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