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Ribbons in the Wind

Miss Elizabeth Davenport, the heroine of RIBBONS IN THE WIND, wants to do what no woman has ever done before-win the cross-country race in a newfangled Model T Ford. This is a story close to my heart and was inspired by a real race that took place in 1909. No women entered that particular race, but four women made headlines the same year when they drove coast to coast in a 30 horsepower open car. What a trip that must have been! Paved roads were rare and road signs even more so. You could travel across an entire state without seeing a service station.

This didn't discourage the drivers of those early motorcars and it certainly didn't discourage the heroine of my book, though admittedly it didn't make things easy for the hero. Armed with the proper tools, anyone could repair those old-time cars. Why, a packet of Wrigleys chewing gum could fix the leakiest fuel pump and it was the passenger's duty to keep a ready supply handy.

Radiator leaks? No problem. The driver merely picked up a fresh egg or two from the nearest farm and dropped them in the radiator. Theeggs cooked and clogged the holes. Of course if you were out in the boonies with no hens in sight, horse manure worked just as well and was always available. Tires were a bigger problem than leaks and flat tires were the norm. But not all was lost. The life of worn tires could be extended by pumping them plumb full of chopped feathers and molasses, but you'llhave to read the book to find out what happens when Elizabeth tries this trick. Believe me, it's not a pretty sight.

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