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Isobel Carr

Genre: Georgian Period, England, Historical Romance

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Dear Reader,

When I started Ripe For Seduction, I wasn’t aware that the Devere siblings were going to be of the “mad, bad, and dangerous to know” variety, but oh, what fun they were to write once I figured it out! Roland Devere, our hero (who you may have met in the earlier League of Second Sons books), is a joker who never takes anything too seriously. He’s the embodiment of the English gentleman’s credo “never turn down a bet.”

And I had just the bet for him. One based on a real offer made by an eighteenth century rake to a furious widow who quite neatly turned the tables on him. It’s a story I’ve been wanting to write for years.

As I began writing Roland and Lady Olivia Carlow (the victim of a bigamous marriage in my last book, Ripe For Scandal), there was undeniable chemistry between Olivia’s father Philip (a sunny man of intellect) and Roland’s very (very!) naughty widowed sister Margo. Margo was an utter surprise to me. She took one look at Philip and decided, “That. Yes, I’ll have that.” And so she did.

My rakish siblings stormed into the quiet lives of the Carlows, swept them off their feet, and then declined to ever let them catch their balance again. In order to keep Margo from taking over the book (she really did try), I had to trim back her time on the page. One scene that was cut actually hurt though. It’s Margo and Philip’s reunion scene, and though it didn’t belong in the book, I thought readers might still want it, so it’s up on my website as a bonus.

So when you’ve finished Ripe For Seduction, and you need that one last hit of romance, please come visit me at


- Isobel Carr 

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