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I can not quite believe that I was first published in 1988. As always, writing each subsequent novel is more difficult and challenging than the one before. I do love what I do, but I certainly dont jump up each morning thinking, God! I cant wait to hit the computer! A long time ago, when I did not have a clue as to what I was doing, I thought that each successive book would become easier to write. No way. It becomes more and more difficult, to the point where it is almost painful. I am determined to never repeat myselfto envision fresh plots, characters and conflicts. I am also as determined as ever to dig deep inside myself to produce the emotional intensity which I know my readers demand and expect. I cant even begin to describe how achingly difficult this process is. I used to work four or five hours a day, but my actual writing time now is down to two or three (very intense) hours maximum. Thats all I can handle!

I do admit that once I start to hit those keys, I am transported back in time to another world. The reality of life in New York City in 1998 ceases to exist. I become every single one of my characters. It is a form of time travel.

Its been over a decade since I was first published and I still love what I do. There is no other career I would choose and I intend to be successful in this business for another 20 years at least.

Now, a bit about THE RIVAL, my 19th novel. The book is both a mystery and a love story set in Georgian England, involving the bitter rivalry between two brothers. The preliminary concept for the book came to me from my own real life experience; I wanted to write about two people who fell in love but whom the world whispered about, condemned and refused to allow to be together.

Unlike my own life, the hero and heroine of THE RIVAL survive all that society throws at them. Against all odds, against all the forces aligned against them, in spite of the whispers, the disapproval, the betrayals, their love triumphs. They find the courage to stand strong together, and to make it happen.

One of the reasons that I am so successful is because to this day, no matter horrible the headlines, no matter how brutal life treats those whom I know and love (even myself), my faith in soulmates, destiny and happy endings remains profound.

Wishing You Happy Reading, Brenda Joyce

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