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River of Fire

What happens when an irresistible woman meets an immovable man, specifically, Kenneth Wilding, the hero of River of Fire (Signet)? Fireworks, that's what!

Kenneth, Lord Kimball, is an army friend of Lord Michael Kenyon, hero of my last book, Shattered Rainbows. A passionate man who has learned self-control in the harshest of schools, Kenneth returns from the wars determined to do whatever is necessary to save his home and his sister's future, even if that means entering the household of the most famous painter in England under false pretenses.

Since Kenneth is there to investigate a terrible crime, he assuages his conscience with the knowledge that he is seeking justice. He doesn't expect to find his path blocked by an equally passionate woman who holds the key to dreams he hasn't dared admit even to himself.

An artist like her famous father, red-headed Rebecca Seaton is a complex blend of shyness and unconventionality. She also has an almost infinite ability to ignore housework, a trait that sounds suspiciously as if it came from me. But she can't ignore Kenneth, who looks far more like a pirate than a private secretary. He is the first man who has ever really seen her, a fact that is as exciting as it is alarming.

But Kenneth has a harrowing number of secrets, and soon she starts to wonder if he is a threat to her and her imperious, beloved father. Dare she trust her emotions and a man who plays merry Hades with her good sense?

The answer for both Kenneth and Rebecca is to grow and change, finding the best in themselves and their partners. It's not an easy task, but after being transformed by their own personal river of fire, they will finally be free to love each other forever.

Though Kenneth is not technically one of the Fallen Angels, his story is a spin-off of that series, and you'll see a few old friends during the course of the book. There will be one more connected story about Stephen Kenyon, the Duke of Ashburton, who finds a profoundly rewarding new life in the shadow of death. Tentatively entitled One Perfect Rose, the story of Stephen and Rosalind should be out in early fall '97.

One last thing: I'm delighted that River of Fire is the first historical romance to be published as a lead in Signet, the main Dutton/Signet imprint. Think of it as another romantic assault on the bastions of the publishing establishment!

I love to hear from readers. You may write me at P.O. Box 243, Riderwood, MD 21129-0243. SASE appreciated.

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