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Carol Finch

Book Title: RIVER MOON
Genre: General Contemporary Romance, Contemporary Romance

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River Moon

RIVER MOON (Zebra, June) is one of those books that drives an author nuts. I'd try to take a needed break from writing and wham-dialogue whizzed through my head, forcing me to write. Sleep? Forget it! Crista Delaney and Nash Griffin were talking in my sleep!

Nash left rodeo superstardom because he feels culpable for Levi Cooper's crippling injuries. When Crista insists his sheltering is harmful and that Levi preys on his guilt, he refuses to listen. Blinded by remorse, he's willing to sacrifice anything -even his attraction to Crista-to remain loyal to Levi.

Nash believes Levi would never betray him, yet Crista's warnings are too accurate. When an intruder threatens Crista's life, Nash is torn by divided loyalty. He wants to be two places at once-and can't. He wants to trust his friend, but trusting Levi means forsaking Crista.

Nash's hand fastened over hers. "I came to apologize."

Crista jerked her hand away as if she had been burned. "Fine. You're sorry you're an SOB. Apology accepted."

"I have to talk to you."

"Then call me."

"I already tried. You hung up on me. I have one less eardrum, thanks to you."

"You had it coming," she flung at him.

"What? You'll have to speak into my good ear."

His hand dropped away from hers and he flexed his lean fingers, as if they had been too tightly cinched around a bull rigging after riding a ton of kicking bellowing fury on hooves.

Crista frowned, wondering why she was still tingling in each place his fingers had touched.

DEAD IN THE DIRT, my new Connie Feddersen novel and the fourth Dead-In book featuring Amanda Hazard and Nick Thorn, also comes out in June. As usual, this amateur sleuth sticks her bloodhound nose in places that get her into trouble.

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