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Olivia Cunning

Book Title: ROCK HARD
Genre: Contemporary Erotic Romance, Erotic Romance

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Author's Message

This April, Rock Hard, the second book in my “Sinners on Tour” series, will be released. Sex, love and rock ’n’ roll, baby! Yeah, that about sums it up.

There are five band members in the rock group, Sinners. One for each finger. They’re touring the country, entertaining their fans and themselves and you. One by one they fall in love with some lucky woman. In the first book, Backstage Pass, lead guitarist Brian Sinclair fell hard for a sexy professor studying the psychology of their groupies. In Rock Hard, it’s vocalist Sed Lionheart’s turn to fall. For law student, Jessica Chase. A second time.

A lot of the series’ fans wonder why I chose Sed as the hero of the second book. Why not the mysterious and sweet bassist, Jace, with his suitcase full of carnal delights? He has quite the kinky side. Why not the hilarious and genuine drummer Eric who is enthusiastic about everything? Yes, everything. Especially, that. Yes, that. Why not the bisexual, fun-loving, party boy of the group, rhythm guitarist, Trey Mills? “Oh man, he’s so hot. Give me, Trey! I want him.” Get in line and wait your turn, sweetheart.

I’ll tell you why Sed had to be the hero of the second book. Because... Sed needed love the most.

I listen to my characters. They tell me who they are, what they need, and I couldn’t bear to watch Sed suffer through another book, heartbroken and lonely. “But he has women falling all over him! He’s a total man whore. How can he be lonely?” There’s a difference between having a woman (or women) and loving a woman. One woman. Sed knows that and feels it deeply. He had love, once, but he lost it. He has never recovered his heart from Jessica Chase. So when they bump into each other, they aren’t sure if they hate each other or love each other. They are both quite clear on the fact that they want each other. To say their relationship is explosive is putting it mildly.

This is what I hear from Sinners’ fans who object to Sed’s actions in the first book. “But Sed is a jerk! What he did to his friend, Brian, in Backstage Pass is just so wrong. I’ll never forgive him!” Trust me. You will. Why? Because... Sed needs love the most.

Sed is a challenging character. I can’t imagine actually living with the guy. First, you’d have to worry about dehydrating from drooling over his gorgeous face and body. The man is eyegasmic. Then, you’d pass out from exhaustion after the countless hours of intense, magnificent, down-right athletic sex. The man is also orgasmic. You might not survive the unadulterated, heart-pounding joy of watching the man perform on stage. The man is illustrious. I say putting up with his ego and stubborn nature would be worth the trouble, if he loved you. You’d be cherished, protected, adored and treated with care, tenderness, and love. Well, when he wasn’t saying exactly the wrong thing, trying to exert his will over everyone around him, and ticking you off to no end.

Ah, Sed. You’ve got to love him. Why? Because, he needs love the most. Treat him well, Jessica Chase, and give him hell. You lucky woman.

- Olivia Cunning

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