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Genre: Historical Romance

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Romance of the Rose

"Hi Liz...just wanted to touch base and let you know that I won't be making it over to the palace tonight." Imagine-giving the Queen a ring. Sound far-fetched? Well that's just the type of intimate relationship that we have to anticipate in Julie Beard's new Elizabethan novel, ROMANCE OF THE ROSE. The fantastic characterization of Rosalind, our leading lady, includes interludes with William Shakespeare, Lord Robert Devereux, and, yes, Queen Elizabeth I.

I wondered just how much Lady Rosalind resembled her creator. Julie Beard confirms that she too is verbally forthright and feisty; it turns out that both characters, the author and her heroine, rarely hold back on emotion, adopting the attitude of "speak first, think later."

Ms. Beard's time spent in London as an undergraduate augmented her familiarity with English tradition. Admittedly, the Elizabethan era is her favorite, for "it was a fabulous time for women's freedom. At last, ladies were allowed to express their bawdy sense of humor." The lasting impression of England has Julie thinking of a return visit sometime very soon.

In the meantime, readers may journey to this land so rich in history merely by opening the pages of ROMANCE OF THE ROSE. When Lady Rosalind inherits her father's home, her property rights are challenged by a childhood foe, Drake Rothwell. A dashing privateer, Drake was raised by Rosalind's father; growing up, the two spent enough time together that they know the most effective methods of driving each other mad.

Though the tale is filled with sweet rivalry and undertones of desire, Lady Rosalind's wants and needs seem to be contained within her passion for writing. She wishes to remain the creative virgin she has always been, living in her new home, unencumbered by Drake's distracting presence. Well, it appears that the gentleman has other intentions...

Creativity is certainly one of Julie Beard's strong points. With each subsequent novel, her talent as a romance writer blossoms more fully. She says that each day she learns something new about the craft, in much the same way as her heroine discovers important things about herself as she falls reluctantly in love.

From her home in the St. Louis area, Julie is learning to balance the responsibility of being a full-time mom to her five-year-old son with writing romance . Although children tend to be a "wonderful distraction," she would not trade anything for her fantastic family. With a husband who reads her work to ensure a believable male perspective, who could blame her?

A support system such as the one in Julie Beard's possession can only ensure romance fans that a long list of historicals are forthcoming. Especially now that she has set aside her other career as a broadcast journalist. "There are no limits to the imagination when you challenge yourself" she states confidently.

The challenges seem to be paying off. This month, Berkley Books is reissuing two of Julie's previous best sellers, A Dance in Heather and Lady and the Wolf. Editors are sending out 3,500 advance reading copies of ROMANCE OF THE ROSE, anticipating instant addiction. Heed their warning, for you'll never guess what happens next in this

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