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Janne Lewis

Genre: E-book, Erotic Romance

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Like many authors I enjoy living vicariously through my characters and sending them off on adventures I would avoid in my own life. I give my characters hot love affairs and watch them melt. I put them on the edge of a cliff and see what they do when the ground crumbles beneath their feet. I love to discover a tough character’s secret vulnerability, and a shy character’s hidden courage. That’s how I felt writing Roxanne’s Pirate. I enjoyed creating a plot that twisted and turned and led to surprises for the reader, but what I really loved was discovering how those plot turns revealed new dimensions in my heroine, Roxanne.
I knew from the beginning Roxanne was a smart savvy woman, but that meant she would be the type who would run from trouble rather than embrace it.  The story I had in mind for her had her getting deeper and deeper into trouble. Why would she let that happen? I thought about this for awhile, and then it hit me—she’d been running from trouble all her adult life, but instead of keeping her safe and happy, running has made her miserable. She’s cut herself off from family and friends. She hasn’t had a date in a long time. Even so, her libido is making demands. Her fantasies have been getting increasingly detailed and they center around one imaginary man, a pirate. A sexy pirate. Strong and domineering, this fantasy man makes her weak in the knees. I put a misplaced letter in her path. That letter brings her face to face with her fantasy man in wonderful hot-blooded flesh. He’s hers for the taking—all she has to do is pretend to be someone else and she can have some fun for a change. She’s a little tipsy so her judgment is slightly off. That was how a smart woman winds up in bed with a stranger. Smart as she is, there’s something about Carlos that will keep Roxanne all tied up—and not just because he likes a little bondage in bed!
But what was Roxanne running from? She’s a hard working lawyer who prides herself on her integrity. Whatever it was she wanted to escape, it wasn’t because of something she’d done. I poked around in her background. There are plenty of headlines about politicians and business executives who’ve made bad decisions and broken the law. I imagined a judge with a sterling reputation confessing to his daughter that he did something entirely unethical and illegal. Imagined him telling her that there was a mastermind behind his crime and that this mastermind must be punished and she’s the one who has to do it. She isn’t a risk taker. She isn’t headstrong. She’s angry with her father for what he’s done. Everyone believes her father was a paragon of virtue. She has no proof of the mastermind’s wrongdoing. She can’t do what her father asked her to do—she won’t do it. But her refusal to act continues to haunt her years after her father’s death.
Now I had a smart savvy woman with deep integrity and a painful secret. I had to get her to the edge of the cliff. What if she discovered the criminal mastermind was still out there, and his actions were costing lives? What if Carlos, the passionate, scorchingly hot man of her fantasies, has a connection to that mastermind? Would Roxanne decide the time has come to stop running and act? Talk about putting your character on the edge of a cliff!
I hope readers enjoy living vicariously through Roxanne as much as I did!

- Janne Lewis

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