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Delores Fossen

Book Title: SADDLED
Genre: Historical Romance

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Have you ever known someone who could take a fairly simple plan and turn it into a comical, tangled web? Well, thats what happens to Texas heiress Abbie Donegan, the heroine of my historical comedy, SADDLED, a Dorchester Love Spell release for A Wink and A Kiss.

Simply put, Abbie just isnt very good at scheming and lying. Its too bad she does both when she talks the half-Comanche gunslinger, Rio McCaine,
into marrying her. Even though Abbies intentions are goodto protect her younger sistershe tells a fish story. Or two. Those little white lies turn into Texas-size whoppers, and Abbie soon learns that the man she married might be mouth-watering and knee-weakening, but he certainly isnt gullible.

It doesnt please Rio, a self-proclaimed loner, one bit when he figures out that hes been saddled with a whole mess of responsibilities and problems, including Abbie, the woman who was supposed to be his temporary bride. Fortunately, Rio is pretty good at wrangling his way out of tangled webs and teaches Abbie a lesson or two about telling tall tales.

In SADDLED, the idea of combining comedy with a historical romance greatly appealed to me. Ive always loved the journey of two people falling in loveeven when the two arent especially eager for that to happen. But with comedy added to the mix, even the darker moments have a dose of laughter!

I love to hear from my readers. You can e-mail me at or drop me a note in care of Leisure Books, 276 Fifth Avenue, New York, NY 10001. I hope you enjoy Rio and Abbies story and laugh as much as I did when writing it!

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