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Start the holidays off right. This month, Harlequin Duets delivers romance, comedyand the spirit of Christmas.

With Cara Summers MISTLETOE & MAYHEM, Christmas has never been so much fun. A small-town college librarian decides to brighten her holidays by shedding her mild-mannered reputation for a bold new approach to life. She will be the one to catch her embezzling ex-fianci who left her homeless for the holidays. Mayhem arrives in the form of bounty hunter Shane Sullivan, whos not out for revenge, just purely reward. However, everywhere he turns it seems that Jodi is standing in his way.

Readers will also catch the spirit of the season in SANTA'S SEXY SECRET by Lori Wilde. Disgruntled about lifeespecially his new assignmentan undercover cop is forced to pose as Santa until he nabs a theft ring. Children and their mothers are one thing, but tangling with one
of his she-elves was a definite mistake. And even though the secret
of his identity lies between them and he has a dangerous job
to do, Santas elf still manages to teach him what love and laughter and the spirit of Christmas are all about.

Fans can write to Cara Summers, PO Box 327, DeWitt, NY 13214 and to Lori Wilde c/o Harlequin Books, 300 E 42nd St., New York, NY 10017.

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