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Terry Spear

Genre: Paranormal Romance, Paranormal/Urban Fantasy

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Author's Message

Have you ever seen a hawk soaring high above in the sky and envisioned what it would be like to spread your wings and view the world in such a manner? Or listened to the wind blowing through fields of golden corn and imagined they were thick green forests instead or even the sound of ocean waves crashing on the beach?

When I’m creating fantastical worlds, I mix reality with fantasy—the real sights, sounds, smells, tastes and the feel of the jungle, the behaviors of the jaguar, and true life experiences, and combine these with the world of make-believe. Where does reality end and fantasy begin?

With mythology and folktales shared across the world, people everywhere explained the everyday happenings in their lives. The native people of the Amazon thought peering into the eyes of the jaguar was a way to look into the soul. The Mayans described the rosettes of the jaguar to be the stars dotting the night sky. The ancient people revered the prowess of the jaguar, the top predator in the jungle, and some believed their shamans turned into jaguars. So you see shapeshifters have been part of ancient cultures forever. Jaguar gods and goddesses were part of their culture also, and numerous statues and other artifacts were created in the form of the jaguar to honor them.

In our world, jaguar shifters might seem unreal, fantastical, and too far-fetched. But in their world, they existed. The return of the jaguar shifters to the jungle is celebrated. The jaguar shifters validate the earlier worship of them for generations to come. Shifters that have maintained that wild side of their persona, though not born in the jungle, have to return to be one with their feral half, to prowl like a jungle cat in its native environment, to release the primal side of their nature in their natural habitat. They are at home.

Just imagine if you were a jaguar shifter and were considered a god or goddess in another part of the world. Here, you’re just another human among millions. But there, you’re a god.

In Savage Hunger, the beginning of the jaguar shifter series, the jaguar shifter, Connor, Maya, and Kathleen are revered by the indigenous tribes. When the shifters return home to Texas? Their secret remains in the jungle, a fantasy in our world, a reality in theirs.

What occurs when jaguar shifters don’t cater to their wild side? Jaguar Fever explores that and what happens when shifters turn on their jaguar cousins who are pure big cats.

For more information on the world of shifters, check out my website.

- Terry Spea

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