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Jill Jones

Genre: Time Travel, Paranormal/Urban Fantasy

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Jill Jones Reveals Secrets and THE SCOTTISH ROSE

Take one beautiful and headstrong American TV personality who believes in nothing supernatural, and fling her through a mystical archway of stone (in the company of a rugged, no-nonsense Scottish sea captain) and you have the beginning of a time-travel adventure like no other.

Taylor Kincaid is the writer/producer of a popular TV-series, "Legends, Lore and Lunatics," in which she debunks the myths and folklore of the world. She travels to Scotland on a dual mission - to collect an unexpected and probably worthless inheritance and at the same time produce a segment on Scottish legend for her show. She hears a tale about an archway of stone called the "Ladysgate," through which many persons, mostly young women, have vanished over the ages. It's a perfect subject, the stuff her show is made of. She travels by boat to get an ocean shot of the colossal granite arch, but is thrown overboard and through its awesome portal.

Widower Duncan Fraser heads the naval rescue squadron in the small village of Stonehaven. When his instincts tell him there is trouble on the water, he goes in search of Taylor and the irresponsible captain she hired to take her into the treacherous area surrounding the Ladysgate. He, too, is caught in the vortex and is thrust, boat and all, through the time warp.

Together, they come to grips with the inconceivable - that they have somehow ended up in Scotland of 1651. Cromwell's troops are encroaching upon nearby Dunnottar castle, wherein lie the Scottish crown, sword and scepter, which they have orders to find and destroy. Along with a gaggle of frightened, superstitious villagers from the Stonehaven of that year, including a small, deaf boy who is outcast by the rest, Taylor and Duncan take refuge in the castle. Over the course of the next few months they play a crucial role in the rescue of the Honours of Scotland, which remain today the oldest regalia in Britain.

The Scottish Rose is a time-travel with a twist. After reading the historical accounts of the clever rescue of the royal regalia of Scotland from under the noses of Cromwell's besieging troops, I decided to take both my contemporary hero and heroine back in time to play a role in that event. According to my research, there were heroes of the day whose names never made the history books. What if they weren't from that time?

Like in my first two novels, Emily's Secret and My Lady Caroline, the hero and heroine in The Scottish Rose discover a "secret from the past," a priceless chalice purported to have belonged to Mary Queen of Scots, and another, far greater treasure -- a love as timeless as forever.

Fasten your seat belts for a unique adventure. It's quite a ride!

Jill Jones lives in Black Mountain, North Carolina. Please write to her at P.O. Box 66, Montreat, NC 28757. An SASE is appreciated.

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