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Debra Dier

Genre: Regency Period, England, Historical Romance

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Can you spot a scoundrel when you see one? If you're like Emily Maitland, the heroine in my latest historical romance, you might think you can, but let me caution you-things are not always what they appear.

The idea for Scoundrel was conceived when I wondered what would happen if a lady terrified of being trapped by a fortune hunter invented a husband to solve a dilemma, and found herself trapped in a sham marriage with a man who appeared to want only money and position.

When Emily Maitland and Simon St. James come together, sparks fly. Emily fights her maddening attract-ion to this handsome impostor, plotting to be rid of him.

Still, Simon isn't all he appears. An agent for the crown accustomed to risking his life, he masquerades as Emily's husband to uncover a traitor. He never expected to lose his heart in the battle. Still, duty forces him to risk a love he has been searching for all of his life. While he parries Emily's attempts to win their passionate battle of wills, he searches for clues to the identity of the real scoundrel.

I hope there are enough twists and turns in Scoundrel to keep you guessing. Let me know what you think. Write: P.O. Box 584, Glen Carbon, IL 62034-0584. Please enclose an SASE for a reply.

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