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Who doesn’t love a bad boy? The mesmerizing danger in his soulful eyes. The thrill of his touch though you know you should run. His smile that says everything you don’t want to know—but can’t ignore. The sexy rev of his motorcycle’s engine as he crooks his finger and tells you to climb on.

Can you tell I’m somewhat partial to bad boys? It’s true. It all started in kindergarten with a boy named Charlie. Charlie ate bratwurst sandwiches while the rest of us made do with peanut butter and jelly. He purposefully drew outside the lines on every last coloring sheet the teacher handed out. And he always stayed on the playground at least thirty seconds past the end of recess.

Rebel. Scoundrel. Bad to the bone, that Charlie. I was smitten.

Fast forward a number of years to college. There was this guy in my dorm. Tall, dark, brooding. Layers, people! This guy had layers. But I’d matured past the bad boy phase, right?

Wrong. Butterflies in my stomach. Tingling in all the right places. I gave in.

Hell, I did more than give in. Readers, I married him!

Now whether Sophia Afton, the heroine in The Scoundrel Takes a Bride, will do the same with Nicholas Bourne? Hard to say.

For his part, Nicholas could imagine nothing more perfect—nor more tortuous—than Sophia returning his love. He’s been in love with her for as long as he can remember. She’s everything he’s ever wanted in life—the one person who understands him and remains while all others flee. She’s also his brother’s fiancée. Which might not make a difference if Nicholas actually was the terrible, no-good scoundrel he believes himself to be.

Oh, but he’s one of those. A bad boy capable of redemption—even desirous of rescuing. But nothing in life is ever that simple. Especially when you’re talking about a bad boy. Nicholas and Sophia’s path to happily ever after is wrought with passion and pain, desire and destruction, and ultimately true love.

I hope you enjoy my take on the bad boy. He may not have a motorcycle, but he’s still a scoundrel at heart.

- Stefanie Sloane

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