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Marilyn Pappano

Genre: General Contemporary Romance, Contemporary Romance

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Season for Miracles

I love Christmas-the cold weather, the parades, the foods. I love putting up trees, stringing lights, visiting family, wrapping presents, everything. Well, except shopping for those presents. Crowds and stores aren't part of the holiday fun for me.

But Christmas stories are-both movies and books. In fact, it was a movie, "It's a Wonderful Life," that helped inspire my newest book. I wanted to do a story about someone whose life has taken a downhill turn, like George Bailey's, and I wanted to use the holiday season of love, joy and goodwill to all to reclaim that life.

And so was born Season for Miracles (Warner Books). Emilie Dalton is a hard-working woman whose life has fallen apart through no fault of her own. Like too many people, she's living one paycheck away from disaster; when her boss disappears with her last month's paycheck, it hits. She's evicted from her apartment and ordered by the court to turn over into foster care her sister's children, whom she's raising.

Family means everything to Emilie. Unhappily raised in foster care herself, she's determined not to let the same fate befall the kids, and so she flees with them. They're on their way to her home state of Georgia when bad weather and bad luck strand them in Bethlehem, New York. Circumstances force Emilie into a series of lies even as she makes friends with her new neighbors and finds love with Nathan, a local cop. But will friendship and love be enough once the truth comes out?

Bethlehem is the sort of town both Emilie and I dream of-small, peaceful, old-fashioned, populated by people who care about their neighbors and are willing to lend a stranger a hand. It's the sort of place I hope readers will be happy to revisit, because I'm working on my second book set there, scheduled for next Christmas.

And we may get a chance to visit it on the small screen! The film rights for SEASON FOR MIRACLES have been optioned by Hallmark Hall of Fame for a two-hour television movie! I'm thrilled by the chance to see Emilie, Nathan and the kids come alive, and I'm even more thrilled to get that chance from Hallmark. I love their movies! I enjoy hearing from readers and can be reached at or P.O. Box 643, Sapulpa, OK 74067-0643.

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