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Oklahoma, 1873. The Lawless sisters return from an overnight trip to find their parents brutally murdered. Clues have Hannah and Jacey striking out for Boston and Tucson, respectively, in search of justice. But Glorys to stay home and keep the Lawless ranch running. Surrounded by her fathers loyal men and fussed over by nanny Biddy, Glory thinks that the worst of her problems is Riley Thornes arrival. The son of her fathers bitter enemy (but a man whos loved Glory forever), Riley is determined to protect this youngest Lawless from herself. Glory doesnt love him, does not need himor so she says, until trouble worse than Riley comes calling and she must decide between his life and her own.

The hardest thing for me about Seasons of Glory was settling on a title for this third book of my Lawless Women trilogy. Her story was a first for me in structure. Its a coming of age book as opposed to the rough and rollicking stories surrounding Hannah and Jacey. Also, Glorys book has the added dimension of her sisters homecoming in the epilogue.

Even more difficult for me was saying good-bye to these wonderful sisters. But then I realized how appropriate Glorys story was to the end of the trilogy. In September, her sisters left behind a spoiled, untried girland came home the following February to a woman whod survived not only the harsh seasons of the year, but endured, with grace and nobility, the seasons of her trials.

The first two books are up for prestigious awards. Hannahs Promise was nominated in the Best Love and Laughter category by RTs Bookstores That Care. And RTs reviewers have nominated Jaceys Reckless Heart for Best Historical Adventure.

My next historical, due out in May 1999, promises to be a heartwarming, heart-wrenching, gritty Western, set in the cattle towns of northern Texas in 1870. What else could it be with a heroine named Angel Devlin, daughter of the town whore?

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