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Tina Wainscott

Genre: Paranormal Romance, Paranormal/Urban Fantasy

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Tina Wainscott Delivers A SECOND TIME AROUND

What happens to us after we die? If we had the chance to live again, would we be smarter? My first two books, On The Way To Heaven and Shades of Heaven, tackled this question head on, concerning themselves with women who are given second chances in very different lives.

In Second Time Around, Jenny Carmichael, a woman who has been in a wheelchair since she was 14, learns that even "perfect" situations can have their drawbacks. As an assistant to private investigator Sam Magee, Jennie has learned to successfully navigate life in a wheelchair. However, she soon finds herself enraptured by her new boss. But Jennie keeps this secret, thinking she could never be the right woman for the dynamic Sam, who goes for buxom blonds and avoids commitment like the tax man. And then she dies -- in Sam's arms -- after an accident.

But a miracle happens: Jennie is given a second chance at life. And she's thrilled to discover it's in the body of another woman, Maxine Lizbon, who can walk, dance and even make love, things Jennie's only dreamed about. Jennie is determined she can be the perfect woman for Sam. There's a little catch, though; Maxine is Sam's ex-wife. And she's got a fiance of her own. Suffice it to say, Second Time Around is full of ironic twists -- not to mention one other little annoyance for Jennie to deal with: Maxine was murdered, and whoever killed her is now trying to finish the job. Sam is the only person who can help her, but he wants nothing to do with her wacky suspicions.

But shy Jenny has learned a big lesson about letting life control her fate, and now she has big plans: find out who killed Maxine the first time around, and then make Sam love her...and not necessarily in that order!

I spent a day in a wheelchair to try to see the world through Jennie's eyes. A character in the book, Rick, is based on a man who shared with me how his disability hasn't stopped him from enjoying life!

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