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Kat Martin

Book Title: THE SECRET
Genre: General Romantic Suspense, Romantic Suspense

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Author's Message

From the day four years ago that my husband and I moved into the Rocky Mountains of Western Montana, I desperately wanted to write a novel set in this difficult, glorious country.

I had been playing with the notion of a woman from the city who was nearly killed in a drive-by shooting and decides to change her life. I imagined the courage it would take for a young, single mother to give up her high-paying job and luxurious L.A. condo for a wood-frame house in the rural mountains of Montana. I wondered what sort of man she might meet, a western man for certain, a man who knew how to take cake of himself and the people he loved.

Their story became THE SECRET, my newest contemporary romantic suspense. Kate Rollins is the courageous lady who has a near-death experience that changes her life. Her hero is a handsome, part-Indian rancher named Chance McLain.

Loving the outdoors, my husband and I spend a great deal of time driving back roads and tramping over the countryside. After stopping in a dozen cafes where hot cakes are the size of dinner plates and bars where the reply to an order for a glass of white wine is, Well, we got Boones Farm (I am not joking here!), the town of Lost Peak was born.

Its not a real place, of course, but it could be. There are endless towns like it in Montana, small stops along the road where people still live by the values of their forefathers, and once they accept you as one of their own, theyll stand by you through thick and thin.

I loved writing THE SECRET. Its a mystery and a love story that I hope will keep you guessing till the end. Thanks for all your kind words and e-mails. Happy reading!

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Excerpt from THE SECRET

Chance shrugged his incredibly wide shoulders. Running the ranch was all I ever thought of. I didnt need a college degree for that. He looked out over the valley that stretched below them. So whyd you come
to Lost Peak?

Kate thought of the shooting that had driven her from L.A.; the articles about her journey to The Other Side; of Nell Hart and the mystery that had compelled her to come to Montana. But none of those were things she could risk telling Chance.

Her hand faintly trembled as she came to her feet. Listen, Chance, I really appreciate your showing me around today but I need to be getting back home.

Intense blue eyes studied her with scrutiny. All right, Kate. Whatever you say. Wordlessly, he gathered up their lunch things and they headed back to his big silver Dodge. Kate felt a little guilty for ruining such a perfect day, but she shouldnt have come in the first place. With the National Monitor sniffing around and her son to think of, she didnt have time to get involved with a man. Especially not this one.

She knew the kind of man Chance was. It was written in every line of his handsome face, in every sultry glance and heart-stopping smile. When he pulled up in front of the house, Kate cracked open the door, ready to jump and run like the little snowshoe rabbit they had seen. Chance caught her arm before she could escape.

Listen, Kate. Whatever your reasons for coming to Lost Peak, its your business not mine. But Im not letting you run from me any longer. I want to see you again.

She firmly shook her head, moving the curly red hair around her face. Its not a good idea.

Why not?

Because Ive got a son to think of and a cafe to run.

Sorrynot good enough.

Because we have nothing in common. Im from the city. Youre a country boy.

He only shook his head. Try again.

Because Im plain not attracted to you.

Bullshit. Grabbing a fistful of her sweatshirt, he hauled her across the front seat of the pickup and captured her mouth in a mind-numbing kiss. Kate struggled for an instant, her fingers pressing into the front of his sheepskin vest, but the heat was too much, the fire too unbearably hot. Kate heard herself moan.

All she could think was, oh my Godwhat am I going to do?

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