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WHy Two Jaffes Are Better Than One

Twice the value and the fun is coming your way this month with the next two installments of Michele Jaffe's Arboretti family series. The suspenseful, romantic—and weighty, clocking in at 400-plus pages each!—LADY KILLER and SECRET ADMIRER will be issued in one hefty paperback volume this month tipping off at 800-plus pages—priced at a very affordable $6.99.

Undoubtedly her editors at Ballantine hoped to recreate the success of Josie Litton's dual release for Bantam, which made a huge splash earlier this year. Both stories are set in 1590 London: LADY KILLER features Miles Loredan once again facing down the infamous Vampire of London, and SECRET ADMIRER has Lawrence Pickering investigating the death of the husband of the captivating Lady Tuesday Arlington. LOVERBOY, Michele's first contemporary, will be published in September.

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