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Love 101

It's the most important decision you'll ever make. That's why Deb Caletti thinks Healthy Relationship Class should be taught
in high school, to help girls learn how to pick a spouse.

"Even if a relationship does
not evolve into a marriage, an unhealthy one can harm or haunt for a good long while," says the bestselling author of this month's The Secret Life of Prince Charming (Simon Pulse), and she knows of what she speaks.

"When I was 19, I met the dark, handsome, moody man who would, three years later, become my physically abusive husband," the author relates. "That marriage resulted in years upon years of devastation -- emotional, physical, financial -- complicated layers of pain and damage that would affect me, our kids ... for a long, long time," she says. As her children grew older, Caletti felt a pressing need to pen a novel to help explain how to choose a good and rewarding relationship.

And so she wrote The Secret Life of Prince Charming, the story of Quinn and the women in her life. Quinn, her stepsister and her little sister go on a journey to discover their errant father's lost loves and
to return what he stole from them.

To all those looking for love, Caletti advises, "I would hope that girls make this decision slowly (repeat: slowly), without excess need (now, there's the key) and with self-honesty (maybe the hardest sort)."

She also preaches against some common advice. "I think that the concept of relationships 'taking work' is a very, very dangerous one. A relationship that is taking
a great deal of work is probably
a pretty unhealthy one."

Now happily married to a "wonderful man," Caletti can attest to what a good relationship really feels like. "The good ones have a certain natural ease," she says. "Mutual respect is actually beautifully and blessedly dull."

-- Elissa Petruzzi

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