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Tina Leonard

Genre: General Contemporary Romance, Contemporary Romance

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Secret Sins

Black. White. A checkered flag. Love thy brother. Maybe not. When it comes to sins from the past, no one can reach the finish line fast enough!

"Kiran Whitley is a schoolteacher who craves the solitude of the Tennessee mountains. Steve Dorn is a race car driver from California who lives life on a knife-thin edge. They have nothing in common, except some land in Texas they jointly inherit and which neither of them want. Seething small-town bigotry and hatred unite Kiran and Steve until they can decide what to do about this unexpected inheritance. Their alliance is tested by a torturous secret which emerges from its hidden past. Will this secret divide Kiran and Steve...or keep them together?"

This was my blurb, probably not a very good one, for SECRET SINS. Still, I felt it had enough information about the story for interested browsers to decide if they wanted to buy it.

Then I received the back cover copy and was a little surprised to see that my editor and I had very different ideas about what was saleable! Her blurb from the back jacket, which starts from the heroine's viewpoint:

"I won't sleep with you."

"Sleep...with me?" Steve repeated.

"Yes." Kiran faced him. "No sex."

He laughed. He'd keep his hands off her, if that was what she wanted.

He'd keep his hands off her, but it wouldn't be easy...

I think I'll let my editor write my blurbs from now on, and I'll stick to giving her something to write about!

On another note, I was recently in Greeneville, Tennessee, and found a birdhouse in a craft mall. It has a replica metal racing license for a roof, and a toy race car on the stoop of the birdhouse. 1506 Broadmoor Dr., Richardson, TX 75082-3034, where you can also write to me.

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