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Cynthia Garner

Genre: Paranormal Romance, Paranormal/Urban Fantasy

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Everyone has secrets. Some are small, things like “guilty” viewing pleasures of crappy TV shows we’d be embarrassed to admit to. But some secrets aren’t so insignificant. Some secrets are made of life-altering, change-the-world stuff.

When you add family into the mix, things get … interesting. Tori Joseph had been alone on Earth for a long time, and when her brother shows up on her doorstep, she’s overjoyed even though he keeps acting like a nitwit. Then her cousin comes to town, and she finally feels like she belongs. She has her family together. The cherry on top is rugged, sex-on-a-stick Dante MacMillan, a cop on the Scottsdale, Arizona police force. He’s playing hard to get, but a werewolf always gets her prey. All is right with the world.

Or is it? When horrendous crimes occur, Tori begins to suspect her brother may be involved. But without proof she can’t in good conscience alert her bosses, the Council of Preternaturals. But she knows keeping her fingers crossed won’t help, either. She might lose her job. Even more important to her, she might lose Dante.

It’s not easy to make the choice between love and duty.

Dante has his own family crisis to deal with and understands the pull between family and the job. His sister is battling back from cancer and a divorce, and all he wants to do is protect and take care of her. The same stubbornness that got her to this point in her life also is about to drive him crazy. Between Lily and the hot werewolf he works with, he’s pretty sure independent women will contribute to his early demise.

When it comes down to it, what tough decisions do Tori and Dante make? Are those choices right or wrong? And, in the end, which wins out—love or duty?

- Cynthia Garner

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