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"A Splendid
Love Story…

This immensely appealing pair of lovers will utterly captivate readers…

a veritable feast of delight for
the true connoisseur. Bravo!"

Thats what Romantic Times said about An Arranged Marriage when it was first published in 91. The novel went on to win the 1991 RT Reviewers Choice Award for Best Regency Novel, was a finalist for the prestigious RITA award of the Romance Writers of America, and became a Bookrack bestseller.

Now, Pocket has reissued An Arranged Marriagebut this is the book I almost threw away!

I always wanted to write historical romance, but I didnt think it was something ordinary people did. When we emigrated from England to Canada, my qualifications didnt translate. I was twiddling my thumbs and my husband said, Why dont you write that book youre always talking about?

So I did. On a tinny little portable typewriter with an old blue ribbon. Hard work, especially for a non-typist!

This, however, was before RT or RWA existed, and I didnt know what to do next. After one rejection, I gave up, convinced I was rightordinary people didnt write romances for a living. Anyway, I was delighted to find myself pregnant and to move into some happy years as a full-time mother.

Flash forward 12 years.

I had three books published when I decided to throw away all the old papers clogging my filing system. Out came the faded folder. On my way to the garbage I decided to look at it simply out of curiosity. I assumed it would be awful. Hours later, I was completely engrossed. The manuscript needed work, but it deserved to be published.

The manuscript zinged back from most publishers with dismaying speed. It had too many dark and sexual elements to be a Regency, yet it wasnt really a historical romance of the period. Then Zebra, bless them, took a chance on itand it paid off in rave reviews and awards.

An Arranged Marriage also began my Company of Rogues series. Each rogue is set on a bachelor life but fate has different plans. An Unwilling Bride (92), Christmas Angel (93), Forbidden (94) and Dangerous Joy (95) each featured one of these Rogues as well.

In An Arranged Marriage, Nicholas Delaney finds himself in a sticky situation, so he gathers his old schoolboy group together and asks for help. A man of charisma and charm, he is asked to serve his country and seduce a beautiful French spy into telling all. But his brother begs him to marry Eleanor Chivenham, a lady Lord Stainsbridge has ruined.

For Eleanors sake, Nicholas agrees, but he cannot desert his duty. He asks the Rogues to take care of his wife and to help him conceal his espionage. He hopes to wrap it up quickly, but there are things going on that he does not guess. The entanglements grow worse, threatening not only the fragile marriage, but both of their lives.

Find out how the first of these Rogues fell, and fell hard. You can find the next two novels in the series in 2000 and 2001.

I have two novellas coming out soon, too. The Harlequin Historicals Christmas collection, THE BRIDES OF CHRISTMAS, includes my medieval story, The Wise Virgin. In Berkleys millennial anthology, STAR OF WONDER, my story, Day of Wrath, is set at the turn of the last millennium.

And of course, in April 2000, for all who are waiting
for Rothgar (introduced in Secrets of the Night, July 1999), DEVILISH will be out from NAL Signet.

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