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The Perks of Being a Wallflower

By Lisa Kleypas

The idea for my first series (ever!) came from reflecting on my own high school memories, when my friends and I could never get the popular boys to ask us to dance. Looking back on those days, I couldn't help thinking that the experience must have been similar for girls in the 1800s. They had to sit in chairs against the wall and hope that some gentleman might approach them. This led to one of those wonderful "lightbulb" moments, when I wondered, "What if four of these wallflowers became friends and banded together to help each
other find really great husbands?" And the Wallflower series was born.

Although I've become known for more dramatic and emotional historicals, this series has developed its own lighthearted personality. Each wallflower, for instance, has her different strengths and weaknesses. Annabelle is the beautiful but penniless "leader"; Lillian is the athletic, spirited, headstrong one; Evie is a shy but quietly valiant peacemaker; and Daisy is a romantic daydreamer who gets into all kinds of trouble.

There are still moments of deep passion and emotion, but there's also lots of fun. Secrets of a Summer Night (Avon, Nov.) shows how the wallflowers become friends and features a sensuous romance between Annabelle, who is determined to marry a British peer, and Simon Hunt, a big, bold, handsome scoundrel who has anything but marriage on his mind.

In Autumn Affair (Aug. '05), there is an incredibly lively courtship and seduction involving Lillian and Marcus, Lord Westcliff. Marcus, who is entirely too arrogant and straitlaced for his own good, has appeared in three of my novels to date.

Women have such terrific friendships—we laugh together, support each other and even scheme and gossip a little—so as you can imagine, these books have been a load of fun for me to write.

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