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Laurell K. Hamilton Blogs On

Even though she has said in interviews that she is an "avowed technophobe," Laurell K. Hamilton seems to be warming
up to technology. With help from her assistant, Darla, and her
husband, Jon, she has braved the world of the Internet, created
a personal website and even started a blog (an online journal). Both Darla and Jon occasionally fill in for her, with their musings
on life with Laurell, but Hamilton is the head blogger.

Sometimes she writes about convention appearances and book signings, sometimes about her characters and fan fiction (she's against it), but sometimes Hamilton writes about… Christmas music? Yes, the author turns to Yuletide carols when confronted with writer's block. Another thing that helps her is to leave the house, head out to a nearby restaurant or cafe and write in longhand. But lest you think she's slipping back into old-fashioned mode, fear not. Every book Hamilton has written—all 11 of the Anita Blake novels as well as the three Merry Gentrys—has been composed on a computer.

Modern accouterments are part of Merry Gentry's world as
well. Part Fey princess, part human, the P.I. heroine of this month's SEDUCED BY MOONLIGHT (Ballantine), lives in Los Angeles. But it's a different L.A. from ours, where goblins, fairies and otherworldly creatures coexist with humans. Hamilton lived for a time in Los Angeles, where she worked as an art editor for Xerox.

Though born in Arkansas and raised in the tiny hamlet of Sims, Indiana, Hamilton has lived in St. Louis for over 10 years. She participates in tourism promotion activities in her adopted home town, and
is involved with a local writers group that boasts more than 40 books and scores of short stories published. Anita Blake even operates out of the Gateway City, working as a licensed vampire executioner for the state of Missouri.

But sometimes Hamilton's boosterism is not appreciated: She consulted a local city employee about where to set a bondage club for Narcissus in Chains (Jove, 2002), the 10th Anita Blake book, and he resolutely refused to answer her zoning inquiries, insisting that she set the fictitious club "across the river" in East St. Louis. She did. RT BOOKclub readers will get an opportunity to meet Hamilton on her home turf in spring 2005, when she will appear at the magazine's 22nd Annual Booklovers Convention.

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