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Dear Reader,

It’s a thrilled to celebrate my latest release, Seduction of a Highland Warrior, the final book in my Highland Warriors trilogy.

I wanted to share a bit of the writing process that brought the story together. The bits I think of as magic.

I give my editor an outline of every book. Publishers need to know the story so marketing can be set into motion as the author pens the tale. Trouble is most writers hate outlines. I sure do.

That’s because the story evolves organically when I start writing. The characters come to life.  And when they do, they often have different ideas than in my outline. As the story is theirs, they’re usually right. I believe in listening to the characters.

I may know the entire tale before I write the first line. But it is the surprising twists and turns and unexpected details the characters reveal that breathes life onto the page. Most often my characters whisper in my ear when I am away from my desk. I love getting out into the fresh air every day. I live on a Gulf Island and cycle and walk the beach daily. Nature rejuvenates me. And it is always during these jaunts that I get my best story ideas.

Alasdair helped me solve a plot issue in this way. As Seduction of a Highland Warrior is the final book in my Highland Warriors trilogy, readers already knew him. They also knew he was mightily attracted to his heroine, Lady Marjory. It was also no secret she was smitten with him.

Yet they couldn’t just fall into each other’s arms in their book. If I’d allowed that, there wouldn’t have been a story. It was a quandary. Then one morning I was cycling along and Alasdair told me something I hadn’t known. Just as I get out of my office every day, so did he leave his glen now and then. Sometime between Temptation of a Highland Scoundrel, book two of Highland Warriors, and the beginning of his book, Alasdair was away on laird business. He also hoped to put Marjory from his mind. When he returned, he discovered he hadn’t forgotten her. He desired her more than ever. But her feelings for him appeared to have cooled. They really hadn’t, but he doesn’t know that.

This was what I needed. A hero so crazed with longing for his heroine that he was like a wild, caged beast, ready to tear down mountains to claim her. Unaware of his feelings, she has her own plans to seduce him.

Now I had a story. Thanks to Alasdair letting me know what was going on in his world.

That is true magic.

Alasdair, Marjory, and I wish you lots of magic in your world.


- Sue-Ellen Welfonder

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