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Whats your fantasy?

The question conjures all kinds of sexy, erotic possibilities, doesnt it?
If youve ever had a secret fantasy of your own, then welcome to Fantasies, Inc., an exclusive agency that caters to intimate whims and forbidden desires. Four lush island resorts waiting to transport guests into private world of sensual adventures, tantalizing pleasures, and seductive passionsall in pursuit of their personal fantasy. Fantasies, Inc.
A provocative mini-series by three of Temptations hottest writers!

Starting off the Fantasies, Inc. series is my May release, SEDUCTIVE FANTASY. Jackson Witt has a seductive kind of revenge in mind. Alexis Baylor is looking to be seduced, but little does she know the gorgeous stranger who shamelessly pursues her is more than an innovative lover. Both indulge in erotic pleasures and sensual fantasies that leave them wanting more than theyd originally bargained for, but what will happen when Jacksons true identity is revealed?

What is your fantasy? Whether it be Seductive, Secret, Intimate, or Wild in nature, each book in the Fantasies, Inc. series will transport you to a private world of decadent possilities, so dont miss this exciting mini-series! And if youd like to add a bit of fun and fantasy to your own life, be sure to enter the Whats Your Fantasy? contest. Win one of three
fun, fantasy prizes. Each author in the series is offering a different fantasy gift, so visit our websites to enter and winwww.janelle

Id love to know what you thought of SEDUCTIVE FANTASY. You can write to me a P.O. Box 1102, Rialto, CA 92377-1102 (send SASE for fun goodies!) or at janelle Visit my home on the web at

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