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Rachel Gibson

Genre: General Contemporary Romance, Contemporary Romance

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The Ice Queen

Rachel Gibson returns in high-sticking humor with SEE JANE SCORE

The chill from the Zamboni, the roar of the crowd! Rachel Gibson is back with another hockey romance her fans are sure to love. Since her 1998 debut, Simply Irresistible, which delivered hard-on-the-ice, tender-on-the-inside John "The Wall" Kowalsky, readers have deluged Rachel with e-mails pleading for another hockey hero. But the talented romance author was waiting for the right idea—or maybe the right man—to sweep her off her feet. (After all, the first book came about after a love-at-first-sighting of real-life hockey hero Mark Messier on the TV at the gym while Rachel worked out on the treadmill!)

"The idea for another hockey book finally came to me when my friends and I went to a game together," she says. "The men directly behind us got fairly drunk and started yelling some very creative obscenities at the opposing team's goalie. During a break in the game the goalie looked up at the drunk guys, and you could tell by the fire in his eyes that it was a very good thing a thick sheet of Plexiglas separated them."

And that's how Luc "Lucky" Martineau, a goalie with a sordid past and a bad attitude, was born. He's determined to get rid of parasite reporter Jane Alcott, who covers the Seattle Chinooks, but he doesn't know quite what he's dealing with. Jane is also "Honey Pie," the writer of scandalously sexy adventures for a men's magazine that have all the guys in the locker room talking. Unlike Jane's track record of blind dates with sleazeballs, "Honey uses men to live out sexual fantasies, then crushes their hearts beneath the heels of her stilettos," Gibson says. We're sure Mr. Messier would approve.

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